The Problem:

  • Infected or sick tooth due to decay or injury that can not be restored
  • Chronic tooth pain from contact with hot and cold liquids
  • Retained baby tooth or extra tooth
  • Need to remove teeth prior to orthodontic treatment. 

The Solution:

A Tooth extraction can be performed by oral surgeons or general dentist as an out patient procedure under local anesthesia. Laughing gas also known as Nitrous oxide - oxygen analgesia can be administered during the procedure to help reduce the discomfort during the tooth extraction. Our Waldorf dental office is capable of providing simple and complexed tooth extraction procedures. Ideally and dental implant or bone graft should be placed at the time of tooth extraction. If you are considering a tooth extraction then consider the benefits of replacing that tooth with a dental implant. Once treatment is completed you will be given post op instructions, a prescription for pain medication, antibiotics and a follow-up appointment. 


Removal of a non restorable - painful tooth or tooth for orthodontic treatment. 


Removal of a tooth is a surgical procedure and requires specific care during and after the treatment is completed. Surgical risk includes but are not limited to damage to nerve, bone, soft tissue, other teeth and the sinus. These complications can be temporary or permanent. 

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