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Dental Implants are post made of titanium or other biocompatible material that’s placed in the bone beneath the gums. Dental Implants are the best treatment for missing teeth. They also provide support, stabilization and retention of loose fitting dentures.
- Retain your natural face shape and smile.
- Do not decay like teeth.
- Protects remaining teeth.
- Protects bone.
- Enjoy favorite foods.
- Cost Saving!
Dental implant surgery is a safe predictable procedure when performed by a trained and experienced dentist. However, surgical risks are associated with treatment. Those risk include but are not limited to damage to sinus, injury to the nerve that provides sensation to the lower lip and infection. 

Full coverage crowns are excellent dental treatment options for teeth which have been previous restored. They can be made of a wide range of materials. Example of dental materials that can be used for crowns are: Zirconia, Gold, Porcelain and combinations of materials Porcelain Fused to Metal.

Dental implants is the best treatment option for replacing missing teeth. The planning, treatment and care for your implant will occur in one dental location. Rarely will a referral be needed to complete your implant treatment. On occasions you may need a tooth extraction and a dental implant is the perfect way to replace the tooth the same day. 
There are commonly three parts to what is described as an implant –the implant device itself (which is inserted directly into the bone) the abutment – the piece that connects the implant device to the third part – the overlying crown or denture. 

Old Crowns and silver fillings usually have to be replaced every 7 to 8 years. Your dental crowns should be checked for signs of wear every 6 months.