Please use the link provided to make a payment online, Thank You. 

Thank you for your prompt payment. 

All accounts are due and payable at time of service. If a procedure requires multiple appointments, payment is required in full at the first appointment.
In office Payment options:
1. Cash or Debit
2. Check
3. MasterCard
4. Visa
5. Discover
7. Care Credit

Patients with insurance: The patient is responsible for the Estimated - Not Covered Balance, and/or deductibles at the time of the service. If the insurance company does not pay after 60 days, we will bill you directly for the full balance.
The Estimated - Not Covered Balance may be more or less than the required balance to cover your treatment. A credit for overpayment will be added to your account. Upon request this credit will be returned to you in the form of a check. Underpayment will result in a bill and due immediately. There is a $30.00 processing charge for returned checks.

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