The common misconception regarding dental implants is that they cost too much. That's just not true. The first question dentist in Waldorf are usually asked is " how much are dental implants ?" Well the cost of dental implants is more affordable then you may think. Dental implants offer patients a better way to replace a missing tooth thereby restoring the ability to eat foods and to smile with confidence. The teeth adjacent to the Implants are unaffected unlike tradition crown and bridge restorations therefore making for a more ideal dentition. Once treatment is complete, dental implants remain a durable part of your smile with an added benefit of preserving bone. They are a perfect solution to replace teeth missing for years as well as when you have a recent tooth extractions. 

The implant is a metallic material that replaces the roots of the teeth on which a crown, bridge, or denture is secured. Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper professional maintenance and adequate home care.

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